Maurício Gomes was born in december of 1987. He started making his own games still on his childhood, and frequently annoyed his friends for being more interested in creating games and rulesets than playing them with them.

Also still in early childhood, Maurício Gomes father, taught him how to program, the objective was to make him into a computer engineer, but he only got interested in programming when he figured he could program computer games (to his father frustration).

But as he got older he got interested in computers in general too, and took several volunteer odd jobs repairing computers and helping the network administrator (both in computers shops, and at whatever school he was student at time).

His first paid internship was 16 years old involved among other things lots of computer maintenance too.

The choosen college education was a two year course in Digital Animation and a four year course in Game Design and Planning, took simultaneously. The four year course had a focus on design and production, having classes on history of classic design, business administration, marketing…

The development and management job was as head of R&D and Solutions Architect in a company specialised in mobile software contracting, his projects there were mostly development of internal proprietary technology, and a prototype for access control technology.

Now Maurício Gomes is CTO of a mobile game development company in its early growth.

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