Buying books in Brazil is hard

I decided to buy “The C++ Programming Language” by Bjarne.

As Brazillian, I had the following options:

  1. Buy translated copy locally
  2. Buy imported copy in local store
  3. Figure how to import a book on my own

So, the first option has the issue that technical books are rarely translated perfectly, yes, when I could not speak english, they were “good enough”, but I could already notice that it had standard library function names translated or some some parts that were too jargon heavy and in the translation ended nonsensical.

Also there are the fact that locally made books rarely are hardcover, and use cheap paper, and black and white printing even in parts that are supposed to have color.

I could buy a imported copy from a local store, and I did took a look around, but the fastest that they could deliver was 8 weeks, plainly unacceptable.

So I went with the third route, not knowing much my options (I in the past tried to import books and found that many stores don’t sell to brazillians at all, not even digital copies), I went with Amazon, that I knew it worked.

Of course, that did not ended well either, the fastest shipping (that was 1 week) was VERY EXPENSIVE, almost expensive as the book itself, so I went with a medium speed shipping that fit my budget, it was expected to arrive in February 7 at most.

It is February 13 today, and it is not here… I asked them to re-send the book. After some back and forth with two attendants (one that was clueless and that I thought it was a bot, because he threw at me lots of canned replies, and one that was very sweet and made me happier just with her behavior) they promised to send again…

I hope it work. And before I might conclude that I should have bought with the 8 weeks shipping in a local store…

But hey, at least the person in costumer service made my day. Thanks Amanda B from Amazon, whoever you are!