Short Resume

This is a short resume, for a fully detailed work and education history visit the LinkedIn page.

Preferred programming languages

Lua, C, C++

Work outside formal jobs

Programming contracts, classes on Lua programming language, classes on C programming language, conference speaker on Free Software technology for Game Development

Formal education

Bachelor Degree (4 years) in Game Design and Planning, Tech Degree (2 years) in Digital Animation

Current job

April 2012, CTO at Kidoteca (small mobile game company, about 10 workers in total)

Relevant recent job

Februrary 2011 – November 2011, R&D Head and Solutions Architect at E-deploy (full stack mobile software contractor, about 60 workers in total)

Skills beside programming

Management of small teams (largest amount of non-contractor directly managed colleagues was 7)
Learning new programming languages and API fast
Teaching, pitching and public speaking in general
Unorthodox and creative problem solving

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